Fallen Angelz Entertainment LLC started june 16th 1999 by (ceo) Russell Colvin Jr aka Kawtion(caution). Believing in his dreams and goals his Mother (Thelma Colvin) rip January 30th 2013.,matched her sons money by putting up her paid house to start the label. Kawtion had met Dice Thru neighborhood associate Jack Frost after the group The Un(united niggas)had only recorded a few songs after kawtion thought of the supergroup name. December 23rd 1999 Dice maxi single "Whut Up Doe was release on cassette,cd & vinyl. Whut up doe became a Michigan underground hit for the label,which lead to full album "Black Monday"by Dice released April 20th 2000.

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Currently 2021 the label has sold 101,000 with no major backing. Paypa Boi Entertainment LLC a division of Fallen Angelz Entertainment LLC has opened up a clothing line April 20th 2021 www.blackdontkrack.com

Kawtion(caution)& Bootleg of The Dayton Family 2018 

Kawtion 2021


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1999 Dice Whut Up Doe Maxi Single on CD, cassette & vinyl

Mastamind at Sleep Tight Sweet Dreamz show 2019

2019 Ganxsta Nip & Kawtion(caution) 

2019 Ganxsta Nip & Bootleg of the Dayton Family 

2019 Mastamind, Ganxsta Nip & Kawtion 

2019 Kawtion & Nikki 

2008 MC Breed & Rocko in ATL

2003 MC Breed on video shoot for Gimme Whut U Got in Cali 

2003 MC Breed in North Hollywood Cali 

My first plaque

Esham & Kawtion ( caution)

Fallen Angelz Ent & Reel Life Production merchandise table at Harpos November 19th 2022